Photograph of Isabell Long, Surrey-based programmer and documentor.
Isabell Long –
Programmer, proofreader, documentor.


I am a seasoned Ruby programmer who knows not only the base language but the Sinatra and Rails web frameworks, as well as JavaScript and jQuery. My programming experiences started when I gained a firm foundation in
Visual Basic.NET.

The above languages are my fortes, but I'm eager to improve and learn others through fun projects.
I enjoy a challenge and live by the motto to never stop learning.


I am renowned for being the pedantic one among my peers. With great attention to detail, I have successfully proofread documents from short essays to 200 page books, as well as completely rewriting some. Being fluent in French, I have experience of dealing not only with native English speakers, but also foreign clients.


With the help of extensive and enjoyable research I have created tutorials for interesting projects such as the Raspberry Pi, as well as having written or heavily edited documentation such as parts of the FreeBSD handbook.


People, educational institutions, companies and projects that I have done work for include:

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory FreeBSD iPhone Catalog Gerraroom Consumer Focus Raspberry Pi

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